“When We Act Together Change Happens”

Goal 17 Partners welcomed this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting attendees declaring that “the view from the top should be more than the bottom line” as it kicked off a week of thought leadership and business action to support the UN’s sustainable development goals. 

At the partners’ opening event in Davos on Monday, executives and NGO leaders said they needed to work together to advance real solutions towards greater sustainability, equality, and accessibility.

“When we act together change happens. And in this critical decade, acting together is precisely what we all need to do,” said Elizabeth Cousens, President and CEO of the United Nations Foundation. “When we all started this Goal 17 Partners space a few years ago, we wanted to create a space that was truly about partnerships.” 

According to David McCauley, Senior Vice-President for Global Partnerships and Multilateral Engagement at the World Wildlife Fund, we must “think about how to unify action in addressing both the climate crisis and the ecological crisis. Neither can be solved in isolation from one another.”

Jerry Miller, President, Guggenheim Investments, (pictured above) also emphasized the importance of alignment: “It is easy to define the right things to do, but when we align our purposes with the ability to generate great returns for those that are providing us the capital, that is when it becomes powerful. That’s when it becomes sustainable.”

Maha Eltobgy, Senior Director, Head of Investors Industries at the World Economic Forum, marked the occasion of Martin Luther King Jr Day in the United States, while highlighting the WEF’s enduring commitment to partnerships: “Part of our DNA is about this notion that to solve any complex problem in world you need to bring all the relevant stakeholders together to sit together.” 

Goal 17 Partners programming begins Tuesday morning with a panel featuring cross sector experts discussing efforts to promote sustainable infrastructure development, to be followed by a full schedule of roundtable discussions, receptions, dinners and high-profile speakers.