The Value Of Leaving Your Ego And Logo At The Door

What is an omniwin partnership? To the 5th Element Group and its partners, it is about identifying long term mutual benefits between partners— the ultimate ‘win-win’ arrangement. Omniwin modeling includes traditional “PPP” (Public-Private Partnership) approaches as well as unique alternative strategies for moving smart working capital toward the SDGs. 

The 5th Element Group is dedicated to creating omniwin partnerships that grow enterprises, attract top talent, and leave a positive impact on society and the environment. 

Beth Guckenberger, Co-Executive Director of Back2Back highlighted the essence of omniwin: “If you go in with the spirt of ‘this isn’t about ego or logo or any of that — this is actually about something bigger than you,’ then one plus one can equal more than two.”

The key takeaway: driving deep engagement unlocks opportunity. 

As Ed Martin, Chief Omniwin Officer, 5th Element Group puts it: “We must move beyond the linear definition of capital and contribute to omniwin in order for greater impact. Everyone is only a piece of a much larger puzzle.”

Sukhleen Aneja, CMO, RB India added “Joining hands ends up helping you double the resources.”