Expanding the Reach of Health Care Through Collaboration

Co-Impact, a global collaborative for system change, is taking on the last mile for health – bringing healthcare within the reach of the 1 billion people who don’t have it. They are on a mission to save 20 million lives by 2030.

Co-Impact, over the next five years in partnership with the Global Fund, will work to put forward a national program in Liberia that will reach 5,000 workers and bring healthcare within the reach of the entire population. Liberia has improved treatment access by 50% since the Ebola crisis, but there is still more to be done.

Co-Impact’s mission was brought to a tangible reality in an announcement made at the Goal 17 space in Davos, Switzerland. The space aims to underscore the importance of partnerships in achieving lasting change, a goal articulated in Goal 17 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The sponsoring partners for the space are The Rockefeller Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, the United Nations Foundation, Ericsson, and Guggenheim Partners.

Other partners are using the same approach to collaborative philanthropy to drive systemic change. Fundacion Capital is a global social enterprise working in 20 countries to advance “economic citizenship”, empowering the economically disempowered such as women, displaced persons, and refugees. They work to provide identify documents and banking access to the unserved, but do not want to take on this challenge one at a time: they want systemic change.

To achieve this systemic change, Fundacion Capital is working with partners from tech, finance, and the public sector to reduce costs, digitize economic infrastructure, and scale results.

Dubai Cares is a young foundation, based in UAE, solely dedicated to solving SDG 4 (Quality Education) through building and supporting schools, teacher training, literacy training, and early childhood education. It will now begin taking on tertiary education, as a result of its focus on SDG 4.

Kate Mohan, social innovation and corporate responsibility leader at the Target Foundation, reflected on the three key aspects of the Co-Impact model that made them want to partner:

– The core proposition that collaboration leads to greater impact
– The focus on scale and reach
– The opportunity to learn

Today much of philanthropy is siloed and incremental in nature, but this is beginning to change. Through collaborative philanthropy, partners are working towards systemic change as they seek to save 20 million lives by 2030.

Matt Damon, actor and co-founder of Water.Org, at the Collaborative Philanthropy session at the Goal 17 Space in Davos, Switzerland